What’s Ahead for Health IT Policy will be addressed at the Annual Spring Leadership Conference – Presented by Tom Leary

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Shifting Landscape: What’s Ahead for Health IT Policy?

Tom Leary will undoubtedly bring a unique and interesting perspective to this very timely topic. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to us regarding Health IT Policy. We are very much looking forward to learning more about his perspective.

Leary serves as the Vice President of Government Relations at HIMSS where he leads the organization’s public policy initiatives and outreach to Congress, state legislators, and federal and state agencies. He guides a team that provides legislative and regulatory analysis and practical guidance on health IT policy development. Leary also serves as the Executive Director of the HIMSS Foundation, the philanthropic arm of HIMSS, which offers non-partisan education and internship opportunities through the Institute for e-Health Policy; provides scholarship support to students in health IT-related fields; and free access to historical hospital health IT data through The Dorenfest Institute.

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