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Are you registered for Dairyland HIMSS Annual Spring Conference on Friday, 12th May 2017? There is still a week left to avail early bird rates. Click here to register for the conference!

This full-day conference promises to be another great day of learning and networking. We are very excited about this year’s speaker lineup for the Spring Leadership Conference! 

We start our day with Sarah Young speaking on “Communicating for Trust and Transparency” which will reflect on areas within our teams and lives and how we edit or filter our words, explore ways to speak more truthfully/ clearly/ with more impact, and walk away with actionable tools to have more powerful conversations. Tom Leary, HIMSS Legislative Representative, will share What’s Ahead for Health IT Policy

At this event and throughout the year we seek to hear from you on how we can best serve you, current and future Wisconsin Dairyland HIMSS members. Listening to your feedback from previous years we’ll be trying something new during lunch; small breakout sessions on topics of interest from you. This will be your chance to share and learn. If there are ideas you have for a small group discussion, please send them to: . Individuals will have the opportunity to join the discussion of their     preference.

After lunch Garry Golden, an academically-trained futurist, will follow who will highlight the pragmatic role foresight plays in confronting uncertainties of social, political and technological change.   We will close the day with a panel discussion on “IT Staffing: Get it, Keep it, Grow it” which will discuss topics such as growth strategy, trends in hiring, recruitment techniques, and multi-generational workforce.



We are looking forward seeing you at Wisconsin Dells!