Annual Spring Leadership Conference












What would it be like to have the courage to say the things you truly want to say – without sugar coating them, without having to use the “sandwich method,” or without editing them to the point that they no longer sound anything like what they sounded like in your head? What would be different within your team if each individual spoke fiercely yet compassionately  about key issues in a completely unfiltered and unedited way? At the end of the day, communication is one of the most essential components of our overall effectiveness and our happiness.

During this interactive session we will: 

• Reflect on areas within our teams and our lives in which we might be speaking less than the truth by editing or filtering 

• Explore ways to speak more truthfully, more clearly, and with more impact by using the Curiosity-Based Communication Model ©

• Learn specific and actionable tools to have more powerful conversations within our teams, our organizations, and our relationships.



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